About us

Who Are We?

Findmyheatingoil was formed on the back of household utility audits to identify additional ways to save the homeowner money and reduce their overall spending habits.

Due to the volatility of the price - Oil is now our main focus and where only a choice few suppliers are available locally, we can provide savings to our members on every order they place.

Group buying power is growing and with over 350 members we have a big say in the price we pay.

Our Policy is:

Service, Specialism and Connectivity - With ALL our local Communities

Where possible we like to meet our members face to face where we all benefit from the "personal touch" also as you pay a membership fee YOU benefit from cheaper prices EVERY SINGLE DELIVERY, we are not a "free to join group" with charges levied against the supplier which means you end up paying a higher price for your oil - with us you pay the discounted rate everytime.

Our organisation has experienced a period of expansion and now can provide a service to North & South Wiltshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and parts of Berkshire and Now Cornwall but we are still looking at moving into South Gloucester and Avon and Somerset  and all this helps with the group buying power.

Remember - tell your friends and family about how much you save on your heating oil and how they can benefit from joining findmyheatingoil and you will benefit even more through our referral scheme.

Having served in the forces for over 17 years I decided to serve and support my family by joining the bigger world “Civvie Street” and became a junior “project manager” working over 5 years for BT, Cable and Wireless and Alcatel before settling for a job and role in Devizes where I could finally watch my family grow up.

5 years ago I identified a “market” to build a “co-operative” as such and started Findmyheatingoil which identifies the cheapest supplier on a given day when people require fuel to be supplied to their homes. We currently have over 380 members and utilise a “Bulk Purchase” idea where we present the supplier with an order for multiple drops and get a discounted price every-time. Our group continues to grow through personal referral more than advertising which says a lot and we currently cater for members across the counties of Wiltshire (North and South) Dorset, Hampshire, South Oxfordshire and South Gloucestershire and also in North Somerset.

My Service for Queen and Country serves me well whilst running the group and I pride myself on working within the same ethics and lessons I learned and used during those early years, professionalism, pride and above all a dedication to serve those whom I provide a service to within our group.

Tanker delivering fuel