Frequently Asked Questions

What we will do for you?

Contact each month to “remind you” to check your tank levels, where oil is required you reply with your quantities.

Contact each supplier and obtain the best multiple delivery price (discounted rate) for the group

Confirm and arrange a delivery period and confirm the price per litre (ppl)

Contact you the client and confirm the suppliers name, ppl and period of delivery – we will also provide contact details to allow you to discuss directly with the supplier payment and any alterations to your order

What’s the cost?

£15 membership annual subscription – for the oil delivery service

What do you need from me to get started?

Name, Address, Contact details and answers to some simple questions

Membership fee to start you on the way to saving money

Word of mouth referrals when you’re happy with our service - it goes a long way to building up the group which will help reduce further the price you pay

What should I do next?

Contact us to join or express an interest at the contact us page