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Heating Oil Buying Groups

Findmyheatingoil provides negotiating power and a single point of contact for your oil requirements.

  • No more having to ring around lots of suppliers trying to get a better quote
  • Trusted for over 10 years to get our members the best price on the day
  • Simple ordering process for ease and peace of mind
  • Ask your friends to join Findmyheatingoil and save even more

Sub Groups

Findmyheatingoil operates through a number of sub groups as follows:

  • Wiltshire sub group
  • Somerset sub group
  • South Oxfordshire sub group
  • Dorset sub group
  • Hampshire sub group
  • Berkshire sub group
  • South Gloucestershire sub group
  • Commercial sub group

When inquiring about membership please indicate which sub group you are interested in.

About Chris Cole 

Chris Cole

Having served in the forces for over 17 years I decided to serve and support my family by joining the bigger world “Civvie Street” and became a junior “project manager” working over 5 years for BT, Cable and Wireless and Alcatel before settling for a job and role in Devizes where I could finally watch my family grow up.

5 years ago I identified the need for a local heating oil group and started Findmyheatingoil which identifies the cheapest supplier on a given day when people require fuel to be supplied to their homes. We currently have almost 400 members and leverage a bulk purchase model where we present the supplier with an order for multiple drops and get a discounted price every-time.  

Our group continues to grow through personal referral more than advertising which says a lot and we currently cater for members across the counties of Wiltshire (North and South) Dorset, Hampshire, South Oxfordshire and South Gloucestershire and also in North Somerset. 
My Service for Queen and Country serves me well whilst running the group and I pride myself on working within the same ethics and lessons I learned and used during those early years, professionalism, pride and above all a dedication to serve those whom I provide a service to within our group. 


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IDDEA Energy

Findmyheatingoil are now affiliated to IDDEA Energy and can provide solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points.

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