Save Money on Your Heating Oil by Leveraging our Negotiating Power!

Enjoy a warm, cosy home and smaller bills while we do the hard work for you!

Heating Oil Buying Group Covering Wiltshire, Somerset and South West

If your heating system and hot water runs on oil there is a good chance you are paying more then you need to for your heating oil. Membership of Findmyheatingoil has been proven to deliver significant financial savings over dealing direct with suppliers.  

With over around 400 members and growing Findmyheatingoil has the buying power to negotiate lower prices month after month and year after year. We provide a single point of contact and have been trusted for over 10 years to get our members the best price on the day. 

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IDDEA Energy

Findmyheatingoil are now affiliated to IDDEA Energy and can provide solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points.

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