How it Works

Findmyheatingoil provides negotiating power and a single point of contact for your oil requirements. This means no more having to ring around lots of suppliers trying to get a better quote.  

We are not a "free to join" group. Rather than giving inflated online quotes and “free” membership we charge just £15 annually and work hard all year round to help our members hassle free ordering and big savings.

Simple ordering process for ease and peace of mind 

  1. Members are given all order dates for the year – by email or letter
  2. When a member needs oil they simply contact us with the quantity and next order date of their choice
  3. We liaise with our suppliers to get the best possible multi buy deal for the group.
  4. We send each member the delivery period, price per litre and the chosen supplier’s name.
  5. Members pay the supplier directly and can discuss any changes to their order directly.

Getting started could not be simpler!

  1. You provide your name, address, contact details and answers to some simple questions using our simple registration form
  2. Once received we ask for a membership fee to start you on the way to saving money
  3. When you’re happy with our service we would appreciate word of mouth referrals – these will help to grow the group - which in turn further reduces the price you pay!

Findmyheatingoil also prides itself on providing a personalised membership experience. Where possible we offer a meet and greet service so that our members know who is working on their behalf.

Why start another group? Findmyheatingoil already has the buying power!

Additional services include advice on boiler maintenance and home energy savings.

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Saving money on your heating oil could not be easier ! Simply drop us an email including your name and address and we will help get you set up.

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IDDEA Energy

Findmyheatingoil are now affiliated to IDDEA Energy and can provide solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points.

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